Me neither Don’t worry, misery loves company

hhgh I BET even misery doesn’t wanna be around me

myrobotlandlord replied to your post: still not feelin so great like just in…

<3 happy easter <3 ;V; yeh im not feeling good today either :( wish we could hug each other, it would be a win-win

hnnng thankyouuu <33 <3 i forgot it was even easter„
hugs would be nice ughh

still not feelin so great

like just incase anyone’s interested haha

I’m sorry. I dunno what to tell you. Just try not to be so hard on yourself for things you can’t control. Don’t let you convice yourseld ur not important.

ehh thanks anyway..

So many of those people who do that just seem really fake to me. Both sides just like the attention they get from it. Idk man, if you want to make real friends here just…try to be more outgoing i guess?? Sorry that seems like such crap advice but really the people who get…

i feel like i’ve tried to be outgoing tho
and just nobody notices
i’m pretty sure people just don’t find me interesting at all
like i used to try to let people think that i’m approachable.. i don’t bother anymore tho because nobody would ever approach me, it was kindof just a wasted effort…..

I’ve been feeling similar lately. Just try to remember it’s not that way, though~! (:

ghh it kindof is that way though
i mean why else would hardly anybody care, like people are obviously online………..

Dude its okay, how many people talk to you on this website is not a reflection of your self worth at all. Ive been on tumblr for almost 2 years now and i have neither made a lot of followers nor friends. The only people i ever talk to here are really just the people i know…

it’s just so hard not to get jealous though
like i see other people on my dash, they’ll make a post like “i’m sad” and they’ll get literally 100 people sending fanart and cute nice messages for the next 3 days

and i’m just here like a piece of dog shit that nobody wants to go near
I’m sorry for whatever’s got you down, and just wanna let you know we’re here for you~! <3

hnnn thankyou <3
honestly doesn’t feel like many people are here for me tho…… feels like i’ve gotta jump off a huge building before anyone MIGHT even think “oh ok i wonder who that is”

wow thanks everyone…………………………………………………….

you wanna set up an art steam and jam out some dogs or something wile we chat and stupid music? heck if you can figger out the co drawing art programs i'll even draw with you.

thanks heaps, that does sound good but i don’t really feel like drawing, i just wanna sulk until i feel like i might actually matter to more than like 5 people in the whole world

*log into tumblr to see you having a brake down* woah i can only offer internet hugs i guess, im sorry i never send you numbers or what ever, but lists like that never make scene to me, like why not just answer them all and post that, why wait for someone to send a face or a symbol or a number. also 90% no usely replys when i send messages on tumblr

anything is better than nothing, like all i want is people to notice that i exist

that seems like a looooot to ask tho
idk what it is about me
people just
don’t see me

or don’t

that’s fine too, i’m ok

hhhh can i just ask someone to act like they care, just as a favour to me right now

i don’t wanna believe these ideas i have about myself but tumblr is pretty convincing

Usually I’ll get one or two here and there, but for the most part I usually talk to myself. I get more time of silence than I do activity. I dunno what it is, I’ve just noticed a lot of people on tumblr just reblog pictures rather than reply.

i guess

People are very strange. I talk sometimes, but most the time, I don’t get a lot of activity going on here.

what do you consider not a lot of activity tho like you probly get at least one reply
i mean not to dismiss you or anything
i just feel like i have no friends and it feels like no one ever cares